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Toga Party Penguin      Toolkit   List of all the information provided on this page
    Revenue Share Toolkit  

Details of how your team, company or organization can earn funds from your plunge.

2017 Plunge bear  

Revenue Share Application


Application to participate in the Revenue Share Program, due December 31


How to Register

  Step by step instructions on how to register, including creating and joining a team

Team Participation Form

  Use this form to keep track of your team and their progress

Individual Pledge Tracking Form

  Use this form to keep track of your donors so you can remember to say thank you and build goodwill for the future.

Sample Donation Letter

  Send a letter to your family and friends to let them know you need their help! The spaces provided in the form letter will help you formulate a personal letter that specifically addresses your target audience. 
    Double Bear Dare Ya!  

Throw out the challenge to friends, family, co-workers or organizations

    Who Do You Know? Worksheet
  A successful fundraising campaign or plunge team is built on your family and friends’ support. Use this tool to see how many people you can reach!
    Donation Receipts   Print these off and carry them around with you as you solicit donations. 
You can give them to the donors immediately after their contribution.
    Business Card
  Pass these around to people you know at your workplace, daycare center, neighborhood, social gatherings, school, etc. Give people an easy way to contact you and support your cause.

Special Olympics Kansas Fact Sheet

  It is important to inform potential donors  the organization they’re supporting and how their contribution will help.
    Plunge Day Checklist   Use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything and to make sure your plunge is a great experience.