Cool Schools

2017 Plunge Dates

The Cool School Challenge is a friendly competition between area schools as part of the statewide Polar Plunge. Students and faculty interested in creating more inclusive school environments, raising money to support Special Olympics athletes and having fun doing something wild should form a Cool School team.

Power to the Plungers! - Plunge teams strength your school by uniting students, faculty and families for a great cause.    Bonner Springs Students challenge  their faculty and you!

*Teach students the importance of being active citizens in the community

*Earn community service hours

*Create a fun team-building experience

*Build leadership skills

*Raise awareness of intellectual disabilities

*Create lasting memories with your peers!

 Eagle Pride
Earn Bragging Rights and More:    

*Your team can earn funds for your school or program

*Your team will be eligible to enter theCostume Contest and the Team With The Most Plungers at your plunge location

*Additional incentives are based on total funds raised


Double Bear Dare your School Rivals - Challenge them to match your Bravery

Click on the link for details on how to issue your challenge!

Teams must raise $50 per plunger for each plunger to receive a commemorative sweatshirt.
 Select a Plunge Location and go to that page to create your team and register. Go to the Tools page for step by step instructions on how to register.

Download the Cool School Guide and visit the Tools page for details of the program and for helpful information to get you started.

Cutting Ice
Break the Ice, make new friends and have some fun! Issue a challenge to another school, club, parents or another organization.



  Fundraising schools last year included:  

  Lansing High School - $444.00 and

  Washburn Rural - $668.00.

ContactFor more information contact:
Luke Schulte,, 620.408.4450